Control Valve Condition Monitoring Connected Services

As sensors and final control elements grow ever smarter with digital diagnostics and communications paths, the need to make sense of this data to improve safety, reliability and efficiency also grows. Not only is improved analytic software required to help spot trends and abnormalities, but also experts to help provide guidance to put this information into action.

In this 5:07 video, Emerson Connected Services Valve Monitoring (Stuck Valve Scenario), Emerson Group President-Final Control, Terry Buzbee describes how suppliers such as Emerson can provide this remote expertise around technologies and applications for manufacturers and producers.

The video shows a stuck valve situation and how problem is addressed collaboratively between the Emerson expert and the end user in the plant. The expert, performing remote control valve condition-based monitoring services, highlights possible causes such as sediment or process buildup is preventing total valve closure.

Connected Services are part of the Plantweb digital ecosystem and provide the ability to scale over time to technologies and applications across the individual site and multiple sites across the globe.

You can connect and interact with other lifecycle service experts in the Operate & Maintain and Improve & Modernize groups in the Emerson Exchange 365 community.

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