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Termination board for VE4033S2B11 and VE4035S2B5

Dear Friends

Regarding to Emerson-product-data-sheet-m-series-traditional-i-o-deltav-en-2018 , some type of Emerson cards are recommended because they are supported by P+F HiD or HiC IS barriers and termination boards for DeltaV DCS.
But as i checked in , nothing can be found for VE4033S2B11 and VE4035S2B5
VE4033S2B11 :Redundant 48-pin AI Mass Termination Block for Series 2 Plus_M series
VE4035S2B5:Redundant 48-pin AO Mass Termination Block for Series 2 Plus _M serie
Anybody knows which Termination board are compatible with them?

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