DCS FacePlate Setpoint increment by tenths


Currently for my process control DCS faceplates (e.g., 45345FC, 435434TC, etc.) the setpoints increment by 0.1 (tenth) when Operator click the up or down arrow on the faceplate. For instance, if set point is 5.45, one click upwards increases the setpoint to 5.55.

Is there anyway for this faceplate to increase by 1? For example, when operator click upwards, the value goes to 6.45.

Thank you kindly. 

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  • Reduce the PID1/PV_SCALE decimal place. ( If that is 3 or 2 change to 1), After you change the decimal point, then close the faceplate of the related module if it is open in the graphics, open it again and check it.

    The click is programmed to check for the decimal places and increase the SP accordingly. Let me know how it goes.

  • In reply to dikshitsh:

    Not sure what FP you are using but I assume something similar to the Out of the Box Loop faceplate (LOOP_FP) which has the logic shown below for IncSP button and won't work if just a decreasing 3 to 2 on the decimal point, it has to be 1 or less decimals to use 1 EUs otherwise is does the 0.1 EUs for this display logic.

    You might want to remove the highlighted logic (similar on DecSP) above to always use 1 EUs but if you do this you need to make sure that the FP is uniquely named so you won't lose changes on upgrade/hotfix and yes you may have to change your module configuration if this is the case.

    Another method would be to change the display to calculate what 1% of the PV_SCALE instead of a hard coded 1 or 0.1 as a SP change of 1/0.1 for 2-14 pH is a lot different of a change than 1/0.1 for 0 - 500 F.

    Method to do this:

    1. Add Variable definition script shown below at top of script by pn_decpt (change the name of variable I picked like you want)
      Dim pn_SPinc As Single
    2. Add logic below in CFixPicture_LoadedTagGroup event (search for pn_decpt and where it is being set this is the correct place)
      pn_SPinc = ((frsreadvalue(ps_nm.CurrentValue & "/pid1/pv_scale.f_eu100") - frsreadvalue(ps_nm.CurrentValue & "/pid1/pv_scale.f_eu0")) * 0.01)
    3. Change the SP increment buttons to use pn_SPinc variable instead of 1 and 1/10

    You might also consider doing similar changes to OUT buttons as well using OUT_SCALE.