Industrial Grade WiFi Infrastructure Helps Digitally Transform Singapore Oil Refinery

Recently, a large refinery in Singapore capable of processing over 250,000 barrels of crude oil per day implemented an Industry 4.0 digitalization plan with the help of Emerson and Cisco. The refinery sought a wireless solution that would address challenges created by production downtime and also support real-time data collection and collaboration.

With a compact, scalable, and flexible design, the customer selected the Emerson and Cisco Wireless Access Point, which delivers WirelessHARTRegistered and WiFi coverage to transform tasks such as pump condition monitoring, corrosion monitoring, and pressure measurement for berth loading and unloading. This technology also provides mobile connectivity to refinery employees who access information from ruggedized tablets.

Emerson and Cisco Wireless Access Point InstalledResults of implementing this solution include:

  • Reduced costs by enabling the customer to significantly and increase operational efficiencies while building a foundation that supports future IoT innovation use cases
  • Improved productivity by enabling a lean workforce to assess equipment health in real time, respond quickly to problematic situations, and continue to provide a high degree of safety
  • Increased productivity by offering mobile and wireless views of production and process data anywhere in the refinery, eliminating the need to collect critical performance data using cumbersome, time-consuming paper-based methods

“Emerson and Cisco helped us digitally transform in phases, in short agile sprints, for holistic transformation across multiple operational departments.”

– Plant Manager, Refinery at Jurong Island, Singapore

As an additional benefit, the digital solution will help the customer adhere to government COVID-19 guidelines, which mandate social distancing and encourage a remote work arrangement. In the next phase of this project Emerson PlantwebTm Insight, an industrial analytics solution, can be added to collect data from sensors and mobile devices to deliver actionable, real-time insights to further improve operational performance and worker safety in potentially hazardous surroundings.

To learn more, read the full case study here.

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