Digital Innovations in Refining

The World Refining Association:

…exists to facilitate knowledge sharing and nurturing of business partnerships within the downstream oil and gas sector. We help the industry share knowledge, with a focus on new technology and in particular technology that improves efficiency and increases plant productivity.

ERTC Virtual: Europe's Virtual Meeting Place for Downstream LeadersThis November 17-18, they’ll be conducting ERTC Virtual: Europe’s Virtual Meeting Place for Downstream Leaders. This event is:

…the industry-leading online platform for refiners and technology providers from across Europe to discuss the challenges in overcoming COVID-19.

Emerson’s Marcelo Carugo will present on November 18 as part of the ERTC Digitalisation Technologies technical stream. His session, Digital Innovations in refinery safety in a Post-COVID 19 environment, will address:

  • Improving safety of our personnel and plants is stressed out in the post-COVID-19 times
  • Adapting with reduced crews and social distancing.
  • Incorporating digital innovations in plant management to achieve higher levels of occupational safety and reduced risks of containment loss

Refineries around the globe are having to cope with this global pandemic and rethink their work processes and accessibility to people and information. Digitalization can help by adding continuous monitoring where periodic manual monitoring was done.

Register today to hear Marcelo share how these technologies are being applied to cope with COVID-19 and improve refinery business performance. Also, visit the Refiner’s Guide to Digital Transformation and Top Quartile Performance to learn more ways to transform your operations.

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