Flow Measurement in High Process Noise Environments

Pulp and Paper processes provide noisy environments for measurement instrumentation. This 5-minute YouTube video demonstrates how magnetic flowmeter (magmeter) process noise diagnostics and noise mitigation technology improves flow measurement in pulp & paper processes using the process noise demo.

The demonstration shows the effect of particulate on the magmeter, how the process diagnostic detects high noise levels, and the effect of dual coil drive frequency on improving flow measurement.

Here’s a story of how one pulp & paper manufacturer experienced instability in the output from the magnetic flowmeter installed in the basis weight flow line. As a result of the instability and variation in the signal, they were unable to reliably run their basis weight control loop in automatic mode. The high process noise diagnostic indicated a low signal to noise ratio at 5 Hertz. By changing the coil drive frequency to 37 Hertz, the noise was significantly reduced. The result was that paper production was increased by 1.5% with less variation and reduced raw material costs.

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