Oil and Gas Control Line Impact Protection

Let’s end the week with a quick video about impact protection for oil & gas production upper completion applications or horizontal and open hole sections. Watch this quick 2-minute PolyOil Manufacturing Processes video to see how PolyOil Control Line Poly-Tector polymer clamps are manufactured in Emerson’s Aberdeen, Scotland facility.

Applications for the clamps include ESP, Gauge Line, Fiber Optic/DTS, Chemical Injection Lines, Extended Reach, Open Hole, High Deviation, Safety Valves, Hydraulic Lines, Intelligent Completions. These clamps offer outstanding control line protection and are more protective towards fragile completion equipment than metals.

Visit the Roxar PolyOil Control Line Poly-Tector page on Emerson.com for more on this solution for maximum impact protection for control lines during deployment and for the easy fitting of tubing at mid joint or cross coupling positions. You can also connect and interact with other oil & gas exploration and production experts in the Oil & Gas group in the Emerson Exchange 365 community.

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