Integrated Gas Metering Systems

Gas metering systems are the cash registers for custody transfer between companies. At the Emerson Exchange Americas Virtual Series, Emerson’s Juan Najera shares some best practices in designing and operating these gas metering systems. Here is his presentation abstract:

Accurate flow measurement is the key in custody transfer applications. To ensure a reliable measurement in energy transactions, it is required to incorporate state-of-the-art technologies and engineered predefined solutions. This would enable consistent and reliable integration of all systems’ components for accurate measurement, despite changing operating conditions and demanding environments. This would only be achieved by following the existing best practices and recommendations at early stage of the projects for the optimized design and configuration of the Gas Metering Stations.

Juan opened showing the portfolio of products for turnkey gas metering systems all the way to the design and fabrication of the skid. Technologies used in liquid and gas hydrocarbon custody and fiscal measurements, analytical gas systems, analytical liquid systems and blending systems.

The skids are manufactured in all word areas. Considerations for gas metering systems include application fit for specified meter technology, is it for custody transfer, what is the installation hazardous area rating, is it unidirectional or bi-directional measurement, noise level requirements, pressure drops, regulatory requirements and more.

Juan shared some of the relevant and applicable standards.

Gas metering applicable standards

He shared the gas value stream from upstream production through processing, transmission & storage, and distribution. Gas measurement stations include a coalescer filter, 1st stage pressure regulating module, 2nd stage pressure regulating module when required, metering system, gas analyzers for gas quality and flow computer panel panels for gas accounting.

Gas metering station

The custody transfer metering section is the cash register in a gas metering station. Here are components typically used.

Custody transfer metering components

Coriolis and ultrasonic flow meters are used in these custody transfer applications. Gas chromatographs are used to determine the energy value of the gas based on the hydrocarbon components. The Plantweb Advisor for Metrology helps operators centrally monitor and diagnose multi-location systems.

Visit the Integrated Metrology Systems section on for more on integrated metering system which accurately accounts for the quantity of gas or liquid sold during custody transfer.

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