VIDEO: Best Practice Approach to Optimizing Control Through IIoT

Plant Operators are feeling more pressure than ever before to utilize IIoT, but many do not know where to get started or where digitalization utilized.  

In this video, I will discuss the Emerson best practice approach for optimization strategy and how to achieve better control through heightened project & equipment visibility, while improving services you already have in place.

Would IIoT help you solve a visible issue? Unsure where to start? Start a conversation or ask a question in the Emerson Exchange 365 community by replying below.  

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  • Plants start their digital transformation journey from manual and paper-based tasks to automatic, digital, software-based, and data driven ways of working with a discovery workshop to uncover the challenges of each department like reliability, maintenance, integrity, production, quality, safety, and energy etc. Based on this a roadmap for the digital transformation can be developed. From there the proper building blocks like operational dashboards and notifications, predictive analytics, wireless sensors, connected services, and security is engineered. Learn how other plants have done it from this essay: