Digital Twin Solutions for Medicine Making

In the life sciences industries, the digital twin is proven and accepted for offline testing of the control system in design/implement/test activities, software and factory integration and the system acceptance testing phases of installation qualification and operational qualification. In addition, a digital twin can be used to provide more effective competency assessment and procedure development.

Mimic Field 3D

The life sciences industry has typically viewed simulation as discretionary. Simulation and the digital twin brings value to the industry in these five areas:

  • Reduces the time associated with operational qualification and installation qualification activities through earlier and more comprehensive testing of the process and control system.
  • Accelerates the process from drug development through to production using the accuracy and engineering support provided by the digital twin.
  • Enables cost-effective compliance and validation of the process control system, as well as operating procedures.
  • Provides a platform for operations training and competency assessment.
  • Allows comprehensive testing and integration of the control system with higher level 3 systems such as an MES. Entire campaigns are designed and planned with zero impact on actual production.

Ronnie Bains, Director of Process Simulation for Europe, discusses new features requested by users in pharma as well as how he thinks modeling and simulation systems will adapt to meet the industry's needs. Read more here.

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  • Digital Twin helps plants achieve operational excellence. For instance, you can improve production and safety; by elevating control room operator skill through Operator Training Simulator (OTS) and field operator skill through Virtual Reality (VR). Improve energy efficiency through energy management, and Asset Management like reliability, and maintenance through predictive analytics. Just imagine what Digital Transformation with Digital Twin including Virtual Reality, Predictive Analytics, on top of wireless sensors can do for your plant. Even Project Excellence. But it is not completely new. Learn how other plants do it from this essay: