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How do you Achieve Operational Excellence with Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation can be an ambiguous topic. In surveys of business leaders two factors for success stand out:

  1. For smart investment decisions, companies need to have a thorough understanding of their current capabilities across the organization versus “best in class.”
  2. The #1 barrier to organization’s success is a clear, actionable roadmap: unique and prioritized investments based on business objectives increase the probability of success.

In this webinar, Julian Annison (Consultant) and Will Goetz (Vice-President) in Emerson Automation Solutions' Operational Certainty Consulting, will discuss how a successful Digital Transformation Program begins with knowing where you are today and where it makes sense to go in the future, identifying what data and knowledge you may already have, and laying out a roadmap to navigate your change.

How to start Digital Transformation

The second in our two part series on Digital Transformation is now available: It is called “Navigating Your Digital Transformation: Guiding Principles Required to Reach Your Destination”. Follow the link