Bring Facilities Online Faster and Manage Unexpected Shutdowns Confidently With Digital Twin Technology

In early 2018, Emerson and AspenTech formed an alliance to provide holistic optimization strategies that rely on real-time data, advanced analytics enabled by machine learning, and rich process knowledge. The alliance will initially focus on three key areas: manufacturing and supply chain software, asset performance management software, and engineering software, including high-fidelity simulation to help validate project design and train operators before start-up. Emerson and AspenTech are working together to deliver these high-fidelity simulation digital twin solutions that help plant operators digitally replicate plant assets and processes resulting in significant operational improvements, improved safety, and time saved.

Emerson and AspenTech experts will host a webinar to show you how to leverage process simulation, operator training simulator (OTS) and digital twin technology to bring plants online faster and manage unexpected shutdowns with confidence. Join us for this webinar on Thursday, Dec. 6 at 10am EST / 4pm CET. For more information and to register, visit:

Additional information on the Emerson and AspenTech alliance with respect to simulation can be read here, or watch these three videos: