Using Augmented Reality to Apply Remote Expertise

BASFA Augmented RealityBASF is taking a major leap in engineering optimization by using augmented reality (AR) applications to digitally transform the way they access information and address technical issues within their manufacturing plants. The company is also expanding its AR knowledge base to help their engineers access remote expertise to identify and troubleshoot issues through an interactive, AR-based collaboration platform.

In parallel to BASF, Emerson is also experimenting with the use of AR applications to formulate best practices for creating new tools as part of a Digital Worker’s Toolbox offering. By combining AR technologies with its Plantweb Optics and DeltaV Mobile applications, Emerson is looking to enhance its ability to leverage remote expertise and deliver key process and reliability data to customers.

These AR platforms enable a two-way exchange of live steaming data and communication between remote experts and technicians in the field through advanced displays combining virtual graphics with the real-world environment. By using this AR technology, engineers can now use their mobile devices to identify potential failures, access offline procedures for maintenance, and troubleshoot issues with the help of subject matter experts from anywhere in the world.

BASF and Emerson are using these applications to allow digital workers to augment their maintenance and educational operations while saving time and resources. AR-based systems will also be part of a new infrastructure to provide secure wireless networking for live streaming data and remote assistance. The companies have already used it to troubleshoot technical issues to save unnecessary repair labor hours and assess and streamline manufacturing and foundry operations for overall performance enhancement.

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  • This technology is exciting. Manual work in the field should be minimized but cannot be entirely eliminated. But when you do have to work in the field, Augmented Reality (AR) will enable you to digitally transform how manual field work in a plant is done, making it easier, faster, and help reduce mistakes thus improving productivity of field operator and inspection rounds. New safety case regimes call out for more inspection where AR could help save time to make it practical. Therefore, plan ahead to have AR part of your overall digital transformation for the plant as part of the operational excellence programme. Learn how from this essay: