Clearing Up Digital Transformation Myths

Dispelling Digital Transformation Myths webinarI just Googled “digital transformation” and saw it returning about 34,900,000 results—so there is no shortage of information out there. But what if your company imperative is to digitally transform your manufacturing or production operations due to market pressures or other business drivers? There are a lot of myths you must navigate around.

Jim Montague, Executive Editor for CONTROL magazine is hosting a webinar with Emerson‘s Shane Hale and Brian Joe on November 13 at 2pm EST.

The focus of this webinar is to address these myths and how to plan these initiatives. Specifically, the:

…ambiguity around how these digitalization efforts are implemented has caused misconceptions about how businesses can actually achieve these benefits by deploying digital solutions. Myths surrounding artificial intelligence, machine learning, the internet, costs, and technology are appearing from number of sources throughout process industries.

Shane and Brian will focus on the most common misconceptions around digital transformation and provide examples of ways to see achievable results. Some examples where operational improvements can be achieved that they’ll discuss are in location awareness, communications via wireless plant networks, operational analytics, and continuous wireless corrosion monitoring.

The myths related to these areas can range from procurement and installation costs, to where machine learning and artificial intelligence may be applied, to the maturity of technology applied in industrial applications, and more.

Register for the webinar and bring your questions for Shane and Brian as you chart your path through your company’s digital transformation journey.

Learn more about the technologies and solutions in the Industrial IoT and Plantweb digital ecosystem sections on You can also connect and interact with digital transformation experts in the IIoT & Digital Transformation group in the Emerson Exchange 365 community.

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