Automating a manual valve


I am studying the feasibility of converting a manual valve to a motor operated one. 

Any suggestions please, from practical experience. 

Thank you, 

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  • John,
    There are a number of things to consider:
    Speed of operation
    Fail-Safe mode
    Power Supply
    Means of Control and Communication
    Action of Valve (Linear, Rotary, Multiturn)
    Feel free to reply with more information on your application and I can direct you down the right path.
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  • John,

    from the valve perspective you should also consider,

    - valve Maximum Admissible Stem Torque/Trust (MAST)

    - stroking speed design limitation

    - valve packing original design (how often now will you operate the valve?)

    - valve Top Mounting, maybe you will need for an additional std flange

    Anyhow it really depends from the kind of valve you have installed and the related expected service.

    Feel free to contact me to discuss further.


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  • In reply to Ron Dieter:

    Hi Ron,
    Thank you for your reply.
    its a 20 something inch valve, gate valve, will be operated 5 times a month average, on/off operation, to open within minutes (1-5 min ). To hold position if actuator fails or power lost, and be equipped with handjack in case failure happens. Power supply will be from a substation, indication and control from control room . Valve is old (20-25 yrs).

  • In reply to Paolo Tomaini:

    hi paolo
    thank you for your reply,
    yes this will be looked at as i progress. in this case, should i consult the valve manufacturer to give the OK to go ahead provided he knows his valve or its okay to directly approach the actuator manufacturer and he looks at all the valve details and give his proposal ?

  • In reply to john :

    John, my suggestion is to contact the valve manufacturer first.