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Seneca Resources Uses Multiport Flow Selectors to Minimize Costs

Seneca Resources MPFSOil and gas automation leader Seneca Resources recently demonstrated effective cost-cutting measures by installing multiport flow selector (MPFS) valves and actuators at its gas separator locations in the Marcellus shale play, becoming the first onshore exploration and production company to use the technology for natural gas applications. With the help of Emerson’s Multiport Flow Selector solution, Seneca reduced its surface equipment installation costs by 10 percent along with future maintenance and lease operating expenses (LOEs) for the multiple valves and wires that were eliminated as a result.

Under conventional bulk and test separator configurations, individual production wells and flowlines require considerable piping and multiple valve connections to the separator housings. In addition, automated valve manifolds require separate wiring and controls for each location, adding to the already burdensome installation and maintenance costs. This often leads to multiple points of failure and overly complex logic inputs to programmable logic controllers (PLCs) or remote terminal units (RTUs).

With Emerson’s Multiport Flow Selector Valve, Seneca was able to eliminate the need for 16 individual automated bulk and test valves for eight of their natural gas wells and still maintain the same level of automation for their bulk/test operation. The resulting reduction of piping, wiring and pad size lowered Seneca’s capital installation cost by 10 percent on surface equipment, significantly reduced installation lead time and eliminated future LOE and maintenance costs.

Coupled with an Emerson Multiport Valve Actuator, this system also simplified the local PLC/RTU logic by only having to communicate with one device to effectively test well separation. In addition, the Multiport Flow Selector solution eliminated the need for isolation valves, so Seneca could operate the system under full wellhead pressure.

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