Fluid Velocity in Fisher Specification Manager


Please, could someone help me with the Fisher Specification Manager?

I need to check the fluid velocity in a valve sizing, but I couldn't get this data from FSM. How can I do it?

Many thanks!

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  • PS: My FSM Version: 2.08.11

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    Thanks for joining 365 and for your post. I've raised the flag for a few of our Subject Matter Experts in Valves and you should get a response soon. Cheers!

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  • Felipe,

    Thank you for your question! Before we answer, we have a few questions for you. We'd like to contact you to discuss further. Please send me a private message with your contact information. You can do this by clicking on my name and looking on the right side of my account - start conversation or send email. Thank you and we'll put someone in touch with you soon.