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Baumann 84000 - Typical Maintenance Issues - Valve Signature

Hi there,

Questions about the Baumann 84000 Sanitary Control Valve. 

What are the typical maintenance issues seen with this control valve. As it has a Diaphragm, Closure Member, this must have a limit on number of cycles or general loss of function over time. Is there guidelines on this?

For the tell tale port, is it possible to put a sensor onto the valve there, such as say pressure etc for a remote warning?

Also, what will the valve signature for this type of valve be in valvelink? will it be much, if any different from a typical non diaphragm?

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  • Good question, but  due to variability in application and cleaning process, cycle life expectancy cannot be provided.  One of the first visual indications of wear due to cycling is thinning of the PTFE near the outer sealing surface.  This cannot be seen without disassembling the valve. See picture below. I was advised by the Fisher product engineer that they hadn't seen a sensor used in the tell tale port. We're unsure of the effects that would have on the o-ring stem seal, or the amount of  pressure the o-ring seal would maintain.  

  • In reply to mark.nymeyer:

    Hi Mark, thanks for the reply.

    The only reason I ask is that on page 3 of the Instruction Manual
    D103370X012 there is point 4.
    To detect if leakage or breakage of the diaphragm has occurred, a pressure gauge may be installed in the 1/8 NPT port (key 14) in the bonnet, see figures 4, 5, and 6.
    I guess the pressure gauges would take some of the pressure off the o ring seal but not all of it.

    Also, if I'm reading the actuator installation correctly, when attaching the valve stem to the actuator stem, that the valve stem is screwed in. I'm assuming that the rollers on the Drive Mechanism Sub-Assembly slip across the Compressor without tearing the diaphragm?