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Upgrading the software level of DVC6200 from HC to AD

We have received a USB pen drive with upgrade license for some of our DVC6200 HC positioners.

As I understand it, the path to upgrading the license is via valvelink, so I have the following issue.

We only have valvelink on a Trex communicator (with micro USB connection) and a vendor laptop with valvelink solo express.

We are in a remote location and dont have a female USB to male micro USB connector to connect the pen drive to the Trex. It will take some time to source due to our location.

An option is to use a vendors laptop who has valve link solo express installed on an older laptop that is still running XP for legacy software issues, but I am unclear if the unused licenses remain on the pen drive or if they transfer to the laptop (which will leave the installation in the next week) once we start valve-link and start applying the license upgrades.

If you can advise as to the procedure for upgrading the DVC 6200s in our situation, it would be appreciated.


Jeff Richards

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  • Dear Jeff,

    ValveLink will only consume the number of licenses respective to the number of DVCs upgraded. the remaining licenses will remain in the dongle.

    Feel free to reply or contact me at amr.temraz@emerson.com