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DVC communication with 475 communicator


Need support on one technical issue please.

Tried to communicate with one fisher DVC through 475 communicator, communicator did not read the device. I got the following message:

“ There could be a database mismatch. Changes made with the fieldbus application may not be recorded in the host system database. Ensure all safety precautions and work procedures have been followed “

What could be the reasons for this  ?

Thank you

  • If you get that message it means you are able to communicate with the device and are able to make changes. It is simply a warning meaning any changes made in the field is not reflected in the central database. For instance, you might change a tuning parameter in the device using the handheld. However, the system database is not changed. So if you later download to the device from the system the parameter will go back to the earlier value. What you can do, is after you finished the changes in the field you can synchronize the database by an upload so the database matches the device and if you make a download in the future to this or replacement device you will download all the new settings.
  • In reply to Jonas Berge:

    Thank you for your reply jonas . Currently i am not able to read the device in the HART communicator . Found out that positioner was replaced but dnt have full story on what hapened. I am getting indication in the DCS that device is faulty, and cannot operate the valve from DCS also. In this case, do I still have to upload/download changes to system?
  • In reply to john :

    John, I believe you have already verified the loop, please check that you have correct revision of DD (device definition) file loaded in your DCS database to be able to communicate thru HART enabled I/O channels. DD files are available on the web sites of the OEM of the instrument .