DVC6200 Temporary Upgrade (HC to PD) problem

Dear Emerson Support

We bought a dongle based license to upgrade our existing DVC6200 HC positioners to PD tier. We successfully upgraded some of them via Instrument Step up option from Valvelink but for some whenever we are trying this option, we are getting the following error:

The device has been temporary upgraded. Please close the tag and re-open it.

We have closed the tag and reopened several times but this option keeps coming and does not allow us to upgrade the tier to PD. Can you please help me out how to resolve this issue?


Shaiq Bashir

  • Hi 

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    Chelsea McGovern

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  • Hello Bashir,
    Could you please check, if step up license count may have been consumed. I am furnishing below contact name at Emerson - Qatar office. May please contact him to get immediate support. Jose Paulose (+97466767053) or Jaco Kriel (+97455144113). If you are still not able to reach, may please contact me on Riyaz.ali@emerson.com
    Thanks and regards
  • In reply to Riyaz Ali:

    Dear Riyaz


    We bought two dongles and I even tried with the other one and it’s giving the same message. I’m sure there is still balance licenses left.

    I will call Jaco tomorrow. Do you have an idea what could be the problem?

  • Ok this problem has been resolved by upgrading the Valvelink version which actually comes with AMS Device Manager v14.0. Thanks a lot to Fisher Team for identifying and resolving the issue.