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What happened to the valve assembly if incorrect actuator's data was set in DVC6000 positioner?


In a Emergency Shut Down ball valve assembly, if an incorrect actuator has been set in the DVC 6000 positioner, what will happen to the valve's performance?

Actual actuator fitted to the valve assembly is Bettis G2012-SR4, the actuator set in DVC 6000 positioner is Bettis CBA 1030-SR60.

Will this affect anything on the valve's assembly in overall?

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  • Won_lek,
    The actuator information is used in diagnostics and to select an appropriate tuning set.
    The DVC6000 has been replaced by the DVC6200 about ten years ago. You may want to consider migrating to the current device and benefit from the improvements like linkageless, contactless travel feedback. If you have any further questions please send me an email at