Interrogating a DVC type HC positioner with a HART 475 communicator

Has anyone seen the message "No valid items" when trying to use a 475 communicator on a HART device?

In this instance, it is trying to communicate with a DVC 6200 HC but the message is a HART message rather than related to a specific device.

Emerson documentation explains the message to mean "The selected menu or edit display contains no valid items". Which leaves me none the wiser.

The DVC positioner in question is brand new. The 475 communicator connects to the positioner (the HART heart-beat indicates this), displays the above message (which requires acknowledgement by pressing 'OK') and then it presents the positioners model and serial number but nothing else. So, the 475 is connecting but cannot see anything to display or any actions to perform.

The same sequence of events results when the positioner and 475 are powered from the control system AND when powered from a Druck signal injector.

If you've seen this (or similar) what did you do to resolve?