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To obtain valve position from site to control room ( fisher valve and positioner)

There are two fisher valve installed at site with Fisher 41B8558X012 Valve Positioner 3 to 15 PSI with a sepate I/P transducer.

We would like to seek advise on what modification that can be done to obtain a feedback position to the control room.

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  • Conventional positioners may need to be upgraded to Smart Digital Valve Controller, which can allow feedback position to control HOST system.
  • In reply to Riyaz Ali:

    Another way is to install a wireless position transmitter on the valves. This way you get the position feedback without laying any cables. Do you already have wireless sensor network infrastructure in your plant? If not, this might be a good time to start. Wireless sensor network is the very first step in rolling out digital transformation and IIoT across your plant. Learn what other plants are doing for their valves from this essay:
    There is lots more for reliability, maintenance, integrity, energy efficiency, and safety once you have the wireless infrastructure in place

    Upgrading to a smart positioner like Riyaz said is also a good idea. Not only do you get position feedback, but a better positioner with valve diagnostics etc. If your control system doesn't support HART, adding wireless infrastructure in the plant is a way to bring in valve diagnostics and position feedback tirelessly from the smart positioner by putting a wireless adapter on it. If you want the position feedback as 4-20 mA you need to lay a second pair of cables for that and you need an additional AI point in the DCS for each valve. So wireless position feedback is an attractive option.

    There are lots of manual tasks in a plant that can be automated with sensors and software to help you achieve operational excellence and top quartile performance
  • From Ron Hager -

    There are three choices that can be done to achieve this...

    1) Replace the currently installed 3582 with a FIELDVUE DVC6200 SMART positioner. The device is HART certified and many parameters can be polled from the device to provide feedback to operations. You could poll the QV parameter to get travel readback. the problem is the current 3582 is a pneumatic instrument and replacing it with a DVC6200 would require that the I/O AO twisted pair wire would be present at the valve. The 3582 needs a pneumatic input from an I/P which could be mounted anywhere. If it is mounted at the valve this makes the change out super easy. If not that would be an expense to have wiring pulled to the valve.

    2) Add a 4210 Position Transmitter. This is a wired 4-20mA transmitter so it would require that an AI twisted pair be present at the valve for power and mA feedback.

    3) The easiest option is add a 4320 Wireless Transmitter, no wiring needed and calibration couldn't be easier. If the site already has a Wireless network (1420/1410) gateway then the expense is only the cost of the instrument and battery. The end user can then poll the desired parameter value via OPC or Modbus from the gateway. If they are DeltaV user even easier if the gateway is DeltaV native.

    A few options available that vary in cost and complexity to install but easily done to get valve position feedback to the host system to display or utilize in a control strategy.