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Electrohydraulic Vs Pneumatic Actuators for butterfly valve


Any advantage of using an electrohydraulic actuator for a 30 inch butterfly  valve instead of pneumatic ? which one is better in terms of performance ?   butterfly valve is for control, gas application.

Thank you   

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  • Hi Yacine, there are performance advantages using an electro-hydraulic actuator vs. a pneumatic actuator and it depends on your application. But in general, electro-hydraulic typically has better control compared to pneumatic actuators as air is compressible while hydraulic fluid utilized by electro-hydraulics actuators are not compressible. Also, if the pneumatic air is not clean, it will vary your performance with a pneumatic actuator.

    Please contact me at and we chat more about electro-hydraulic actuation and see if it os the ideal solution for your application.