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Using a Axial Flow Regulators to Meet Noise Regulations

Recently Toscana Energia out of Italy come to Emerson with a problem and I liked the use of axial flow regulators as the solution.  Toscana Energia had a city gate station equipped with 6” top entry regulators. Natural gas consumption increased as the local neighborhood was being developed, and the noise generated by the regulators began to exceed legal requirements.

The high level of noise was not in accordance with the Directive 2002/49/EC regarding the assessment and management of environmental noise, nor was it in compliance with the Directive 2003/10/CE outlaying the minimum health and safety requirements regarding the noise exposure of workers. At the same time, during winter peak consumption periods, the natural gas station was now becoming overburdened. This new situation drove the customer to search for a better noise reduction solution but also the ability to cope with the periods of peak demands.

Click HERE to check out the Solution.

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