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Rosemount Expands High Pressure Capabilities with New Multivariable Transmitter Option

 I’m happy to announce the launch of a new high static pressure option on Rosemount MultiVariable Pressure Transmitters. This new option increases the static pressure limit from 3626 psi (250 bar) to 6092 psi (420 bar), allowing the transmitters to be used at higher pressures. The new high static pressure multivariable is available on the Rosemount 4088 and Rosemount 3051SMV transmitters. Multivariable transmitters improve accuracy and reliability by measuring differential pressure (DP), static pressure (SP), and process temperature (PT) within one device. The Rosemount 3051SMV will use the additional measurements to calculate compensated flow up to 22 times per second.

As higher pressures are utilized to improve efficiency and performance of their operations, the need for capable measurement devices is critical. Accurate multivariable transmitters provide the capability of outputting compensated flow measurement. Rosemount multivariable transmitters can now solve common industry challenges such as:

  1. Applications that operate beyond the limits of conventional DP instruments
  2. Achieving accurate flow measurement at higher pressures
  3. Gas and Steam injection

Rosemount has several products available for high-pressure applications. Rosemount pressure transmitters can solve application challenges up to 20,000 psi (1379 bar).

Check out this flyer and the video below to learn more about the Rosemount high-pressure offering!