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MultiVariable Flow Technology Saves Costs and Improves Accuracy

 Flow measurements are essential to running a plant efficiently and safely, so any improvement in the efficiency of flow measurements is an advantage to any plant manager. MultiVariable flow measurement is such an improvement, so we thought we’d devote a blog just to the concept of MultiVariable measurement and show you a quick video we made on the topic. 

Traditional flow measurement requires three separate transmitters – a pressure transmitter, a differential pressure transmitter, and a temperature transmitter – and a flow computer in order to produce an accurate mass flow reading. This requires multiple pipe penetrations and process connections as well as maintenance, all of which adds to costs. With MultiVariable technology, you get three process measurements and flow calculations in one device. This can reduce your installed cost by as much as 70%!

In addition, because mass flow impacted by changes in temperature and pressure, the integration of these individual measurements into one device allows for real-time dynamic compensation for these changes, ultimately delivering more accurate data to the control system.

Check out more details about MultiVariable flow transmitters in this video. And click here for more information