The Next Generation in Pressure Measurement Technology

Rosemount Wireless Pressure GaugePressure measurement technology continues to develop at a rapid pace to meet the demands of the various applications in today’s process industries. But what if you need a device for a particular application and you’re having trouble choosing which one fits best? Emerson’s Rosemount Wireless Pressure Gauge (WPG) stands out as one of the most advanced pressure technologies, and its recent comparison against traditional Bourdon tubes and other similar devices highlights some of the reasons it may be the best fit for your operation.

For one, the Rosemount WPG is often noted for enhancing personnel safety by keeping process fluid where it belongs – in the pipe. In solid state sensor devices, multiple isolation barriers are standard including an isolating diaphragm, a sensor assembly, and an optional seal assembly. A traditional Bourdon tube gauge relies only on the tube and a possible seal assembly for process isolation, which means the gauge needle display can look normal from the outside, but in reality, the internal tube may be damaged or ruptured. This introduces additional risk to personnel if there is a loss of process fluid.

Rosemount WPGs are also recommended for their high overpressure resistance, as they are designed to withstand up to 150x scale range while maintaining structural integrity across various process pressure fluctuations. The accuracy of the solid state pressure sensor doesn’t degrade under overpressure conditions, unlike the Bourdon tube, which deforms under excess pressure. And unlike Bourdon tubes that burst under excess pressure causing catastrophic personnel, property, and environmental damage, the solid state pressure sensor can withstand up to 11,000 psi (758 bar). If the isolating diaphragm is compromised, the process is still contained to the sensor assembly.

The Rosemount WPG also provides a local indicator of device health, plus access to events and process status right at the indicator. WirelessHART® technology adds a whole new dimension to the device allowing faster troubleshooting and real-time insights. The WPG can be connected to Emerson’s Plantweb Insight application, which connects the sensor to the Industrial Internet of Things, providing strategic interpretation and analysis of data needed to make informed decisions.

All told, the Rosemount WPG takes pressure measurement to a new level – reducing maintenance with dramatically improved pressure sensing technology, improving personnel safety with enhanced gauge quality and reliability, and allowing significant insight and data verification from a central location.