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periodic certification


I have a question about Coriolis f300 & 2700R12ABZEZZZ & 475 Field Communicator :

Do these devices need to certify periodically ?

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  • Hi Ahmed,

    The Coriolis meter does not drift over time, so should not have any changes with use. However, there are sometimes regulatory reasons in your area or other reasons (for example, proving is common in the oil & gas industry) you might need to check your meter.

    If you need to verify the reading, you can do that in a variety of ways. If you have Smart Meter Verification on your transmitter (2700 transmitter), you can check the meter using this diagnostic. If you do not have Smart Meter verification, you can check to see if there are any alarms present using the 475 Field Communicator. You can prove the meter against a proving standard like a ball prover or compact prover. You can also do a quick field verification of the flow reading using either a check meter in line with the F300 or doing a "catch and weigh" procedure. Basically, if you can safely use a fluid through the meter like water and reset the totalizer before you begin flowing the water, you can put some water through the meter, then into a container. When you are through, weigh how much fluid you have in the container (the weight of the container plus the water minus the weight of the empty container) and compare it to the totalizer reading on the 2700. You can also return the meter to the factory for a calibration check.

    For further information, please contact our customer service group at flow.support@emerson.com. You can also visit emerson.com and go to the contact us page to find an office close to you for support.

    Thanks, Tonya
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    is helpful Information many thanks tonya