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USM model 3400 (SN-150005003)

Dear all,
Please be informed that suddenly USM reading was oscillated between the actual reading and zero. Therefore, there are some troubleshooting steps were performed to solve the problem:
1-      Connect laptop direct through Daniel MeterLink software found the software cannot establish communication.
2-      Reset power on flowmeter found the communication is established.
3-      After accessing found 3 current alarms as shown at attached pic (USM1).(in my opinion the first alarm is the main cause of this problem as the reading of pressure and temp. for this branch were in the accepted range).
4-      Approx. 20 seconds ago, found a pop up message said there is a communication error and the communication fail. (If a power is cycled, the communication will be established again for the same period and then stopped.)
Note: The rest of attached pics as a guide to reach the root cause of this problem.
     Your kindly support is highly appreciated.

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