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Configuration of GC with Floboss 107 without using Application module APP485

I am communicating with GC 370XA using serial link with the FB107. Communication is healthy. I am not using any application module to do configuration of GC in FB107.

I defined the registers manually in the GC and read those registers in the FB107.

Please guide me about following

  • how FB107 will take the value from GC
  • Component ID numbers, how to define the numbers. Should i take same numbers which i defined in GC register table MAP file.
  • I am going through the manual but the manual A6270 mostly talks about the application module which i am not using for communication.
  • I am communicating on COMM2 of CPU (FB107) serial link
  • If i change gas composition manually in the attached meter setup my value of specific gravity and Btu changes, why is it so? This table is supposed to take the value when i have selected Constant specific gravity value.



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  • Hi musabthelion,
    I am currently checking with some collegues about your question, I am not familiar with Floboss 107, However I am wondering why are you using RS232 communication instead of Ethernet?, using Ethernet is faster and more convenient, you can control the analyzer as well as receive all GC calculations throught the same port(CAT5&CAT6).