Rosemount 8732


I'm Facing problem in recently installed mag flow meter ,the problem it is showing error "Sensor Elect Sat"  .I have checked the manual and found that may be earthing error or stray current .

But actually there are two lines process fluid (HYPO) same model ( Rating ,material) are installed on both process lines but one of them is showing error .

Please help me out regarding this issue .


behram khan 

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  • The "Sensor Elect Sat" or Sensor Electrode Saturated error message means that the sensing electrodes are receiving an excessive amount of voltage/current and the transmitter can't read the induced voltage over the background voltage.
    Earthing and ground currents or other stray currents may be different from one installation to the next. It can depend on how each unit is grounded, what other electrical equipment or power lines may be nearby each device, and even environmental conditions. Each installation should have a low impedance earth ground - usually accomplished via the power connection. Earth ground connections should be checked for ground loop voltages/currents. If there is a lack of a local earth ground connection, ground potentials or ground loops may be traveling through the magmeter which will pick them up via the sensing electrodes.
    If the transmitter is mounted remotely from the sensor, using incorrect cabling or not making all of the correct wiring connections can make the device more susceptible to electrical interference. Make sure remote cabling is done per the manual.

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    Mike Schaefer