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Daniel Senior Fitting with Profiler plate

Anyone has noise issues at flow rates coming from the conditioning plate or orifice fitting?

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  • a flow conditioning plate will generate noise if the holes are not chamfered, for orifice meters the Daniel Profiler was not initially chamfered since any noise created would not effect measurement. However as you have found out it's very annoying and the processes were changed to include breaking the edges of the downstream potion of the holes. Even with the chamferring there can be some noise generated at certain velocities.
  • Definitely at high flow rates. I don't usually get too concerned with the noise unless it has an "odd" tone or the noise level increases and flow rates have not significantly changed. These usually mean that something is caught in the flow conditioner and a tube inspection is needed.
  • Initially flow conditioning plates did not have the holes beveled which caused the gas to collapse behind the plate causeing noise at certain velocities. For the Daniel Profiler this as the standard for Orifice runs as it was thought that the noise wouldn't interfere with the measurement as it would with USMs. However the noise levels far exceeded the OSHA levels and as such all FCs had their holes beveled on the downstream as a minimum. CPA also found the same issues with their 50E and beveled the inlet and outlet of each hole as a standard. The plates will still generate some noise but the levels are below the 80 dB levels.
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    Thank you for this information
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    Martin, so I looked up the Profiler but the information i see says "obsolete", I don't see anything for a replacement. I understand Daniel has or is changing ownership, not sure if this is now part of the problem. Do you have recommendations for a replacement?