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Emerson 700XA not working

I upgraded the GC to new firmware version using MON2020. After successfully upgrading, GC rebooted automatically and could't completely start and is unable to communicate with PC after that.

LED's on the front panel are all OFF.

While LED's on backpane are all green.

LED's on CPU and I/O board are blinking green

Can anyone explain? and how much time it takes to be normal after this reboot.

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  • Hi Junaid,
    Did you replace a board or simple upgraded the firmware , if so what version does the unit have prior the update? , also what is the latest firmware version you used and where do you get this one from?
    Did you notice any malfunction before the firmware was upgraded?
    Usually will take between 3 to 5 minutes to the communication can be re-stablished and you can log in to the unit once the firmware has been upgraded.
    Make sure all boards are firmly inserted in the proper slot , a false contact on the base I/O board can cause this type of issues.
    Let me know.
  • In reply to Raymundo Morin:

    Thanks Ray
    Just to update you that analyzer is upgraded successfully and it took almost 3 hours to start.

    Actually before firmware upgradation, analyzer was getting hanged at the end of every cycle "Analysis time" and we have to power reset it.

    I downloaded the firmware from emerson website i.e 3.0.1 so any way the issue is resolved now and analyzer is running OK .

    Thanks for your help
  • In reply to Junaid Saleem:

    dear Junaid,

    did you upload original configuration file to GC?
    after firmware upgrade, you have to upload the configuration file to GC.