where to download older firmware versions for 700XA

the current firmware download on the Emerson website is 3.0.1, I want to download an older version 2.2.5, is it possible to find this on the website?

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  • Hi Phillip,
    There is no available in our website, but I can email it to you.
    I am wondering why you want to use an older version?
    You should receive a link to download the firmware version, if you did not receive the link within the next hour, please send me a different email address you have access so I can resend the link
  • In reply to Raymundo Morin:

    Hi Ray
    Thanks for your response.

    I did not receive the link, and I've checked my junk mail as well.
    Can you just post the link here in the forum? We could delete the message once I'm done if you don't want it available to all.

    The reason that I want the older version is that I'm about to travel a remote customers site where their 700XA stopped responding.
    The local tech does not have any GC experience and though he would 'fix the problem' by updating the firmware.
    I suspect that he may have messed up when doing the update (perhaps didn't wait long enough for it to complete, or something like that)
    So - I would like to reload the original Firmware if possible rather than loading a newer version. I'm sure the newer version would be ok, I would just rather try the original first so that I'm not introducing another 'unknown' into the mix. If the original doesn't work, then I'll try v3.0.1