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700XA not responding - 3v power diagnostic LED shows orange

Hello - I have a 700XA installed several thousand kilometers away, which has stopped working - I'm not onsite so information is 2nd hand....

I've asked them to check the Power LEDs, most are green except for the 3V is showing Orange colour

I checked the user manual which states the LED should either be Green or 'not lit' - it does not mention Orange

Can anyone confirm if the manual is correct or not.

I asked them to measure the voltage on the 3v test point, they read 3.35v

kind regards, Phil McKay. Melbourne Australia.

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  • Hi Phillip
    Please make sure you check the voltages, if 3Volts is not solid green means there is an issue with the Base I/O Board , please see the information below for your reference:
    The backplane has a set of test points that allow you to measure the voltage output of the
    Base I/O card. Each test point is labeled with a voltage value that, when measured with a
    voltmeter, should give a measurement equal to what is displayed on the label. A reading
    that does not match this label may indicate a faulty Base I/O card. Try swapping out the
    suspect card with a different one, and take another measurement. To get a measurement
    for a test point, touch the voltmeter’s negative probe to the D GND test point, and touch
    the voltmeter’s positive probe to the desired test point.
    The following test points are associated with the following GC components:
    Test Point GC Component Tolerances
    24V (Regulated) GC power ±2.4V
    17V Preamp (Input for the bridge circuit) ±0.5V
    12V Optional I/O cards ±0.6V
    5V1 System chips ±0.25V
    3.3V System chips ±0.15V
    FVIN, F GND Field voltage input and ground ±0V - 3V (21v - 30v)
    SV1, SV2 Solenoid voltages that drive the heater/solenoid card ±2.4V
    The input voltage range for DC/DC power supply is between 21 and 30 volts. The input
    range for AC/DC power supply is 90 - 264 volts (auto-ranging).
    Voltage LEDs
    Hope this Helps
    Ray Morin
  • In reply to Raymundo Morin:

    Thanks Ray for your response.
    I was more curious about the meaning of the Orange LED indication as it's not mentioned in the manual

  • In reply to Phillip Mckay:

    Hi Phil,
    Here is the link to download the old firmware, hope it helps
    Kind Regards
  • In reply to Raymundo Morin:

    Thanks Ray