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[EE365 Analytical Forum] New GC370XA unable to power up

Hi Musabthelion,

Typically having the analyzer not powering up could be for the following reasons..

1.- No 24VCD Present(please double check)

2.-Open Fuse

3.- 24 VCD Terminal not seated correctly on the receptacle.

4.- LOI Board and CPU not seated correctly.

5.- Backplane Board Damaged.

Note: Please make sure all connectors are correctly inserted.

By The Way , please provide instrument sales order and serial number of your GC370XA so I can check the factory records

Kind Regards.


Thank you,

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  • Hi Raymundo,
    The issue has been resolved. Please see below for feedback from the customer.
    Best regards,
    Nishant Thankappan | BDM – Analyzer Solutions & Detection
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  • Please guide about following,

    • What are the maximum number of days i can run my GC-370XA (on Analysis) without performing  calibration through Cal gas. As my calibration gas has expired.

    Thanks and Regards,


  • In reply to musabthelion:

    Musab ,

    I am a retired Analyser Systems Engineer . I have worked on many GC installations . I worked with Emerson for many years and prior to that period with ABB. I am very familiar with the process GC .

    I can give you some suggestions. First we must understand the application.

    1. Is the GC used for a) gas metering with custody transfer accuracy implications, billing of gas . b) process stream analysis and
    control c) process stream monitoring , no control requirement .
    2. What is the basic gas measurement .What are you measuring?

    Any process GC running on a clean sample with sound sample handling can run for many months without calibration . That is it will measure the process and generate a meaningful trend of the process values, if component retention times are seen to be stable and total peak area of the injected process sample does not vary a great deal.

    The question of calibration requirement depends on the application . If the process operator is using the GC for custody transfer you are generally obliged by the sales contract to check calibration on a frequent basis ( some time every 24 hours on an automatic cycle.) If the process operator is looking at trend of the process results results, the GC may not require the same level of accuarcy as the custody transfer and can still give meaningful and valuable input . If the GC is n process control then accuracy plus or minus 1% may be required.

    The best approach to understanding your GC performance is not to calibrate , but to intially validate the analysers performance over a few weeks i.e. do not udpate response factors . After three or four validations one week apart you will be able to determine the GC stability . You may find that the variances are less than a few percent over the period . This then allows you to state the GC is stable lets say over a two month period without intervention. You can then determine and answer the question. HOW OFTEN DOES THE GC NEED TO BE CALIBRATED.

    The bottom line.Your own experience or that of the analyser technician at the site can best determine the frequency of GC calibrations.
    The process GC in many applications can run for months and give sound "uncalibrated " performance, other GC applications with difficult component resolution may need to be calibrated ever week .

    The real key to the question is "validate' to determine how often calibration is required . If you need understand more about validation versus calibration you can contact the Emerson GC group though this exchange.

    In themean time if your GC performance is seen to be stable use the Plant Chemist Laboratory to verify the results . You can use the laboratory result to " calibrate " if you have an issue credibility of the GC result.

    I hope my input is useful .
    Best regards,
    Jim McLelland