Keys to Determining the Right Flame Detector for Your Process Plant

 An article that appeared in the March 2019 issue of Chemical Processing helps operating staff select the best flame detector for his or her application. The article’s author Edward Naranjo, Emerson Director of Fire & Gas Systems, discusses a variety of factors to narrow down the most appropriate flame detector option.

The first consideration when selecting a detector is that the device accurately and reliably identifies flames. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommends the spectral response of the detector match the spectral emissions of the flames to be detected. Each type of flame detector varies in capabilities, therefore presenting its own advantages and limitations.

The main performance variables to consider when choosing a flame detector include: detector range and response time, immunity to unwanted alarms, field of view, environmental factors, and communication capabilities. It is also important to compare the different flame detector technology options available to decide which flame detector type is most suitable for the application (Table 1).

Keep in mind, there is not a single flame detector that is best in all situations. According to the article “usually a combination of thermal, flame and smoke detectors or several flame detector types is necessary.” Additionally, flame detectors should be selected based on the analysis of the characteristics of potential fires, their causes and the environment.

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