Food & Beverage Asia Highlights Emerson’s “Surge Into the Future”

Editor Amanda Soo of Food & Beverage Asia recently interviewed Bill Zhou, Marketing Director, Rosemount Measurement and Analytical Asia Pacific, and Jerry Lee, Business Development Manager, Food & Beverages/Life Sciences, Flow Solutions Group, Asia Pacific. The article highlights many of the advances Emerson is bringing to the food and beverage industries.

Bill Zhou commented on how Emerson’s extensive experience in the demanding oil and gas industry prepared the company for other highly demanding applications like food and beverage.

Bill stated, “In the F&B industry, for example, there are steaming and cleaning processes which are very demanding, high-temperature pressure applications that can only be handled by the most robust sensors. With our highly reliable sensors, we can deliver solutions that last longer and perform better.”

One example of a product bringing substantial benefits to the F&B market is X-well technology that’s able to deliver process temperature with no intrusion into the process. Bill Zhou also talked about how companies in food and beverage are investing more into solutions that will help them optimize processes, reduce waste and more.

Bill and Jerry discussed Emerson’s commitment to adding technologies and services that specifically benefit industries like food and beverage, mentioning QCL laser technology. Designed to analyze gases, the QCL technology can also be applied to detect microleaks in aerosol cans as well as food & beverage packages. This fully automated solution will reject leaking products off the production line, ensuring that only quality and safe products will reach the consumers’ hands.

The editor had a chance to tour the Solutions Centre in Singapore, part of the company’s

efforts to establish the country as a hub for the delivery of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies and services for its customers in Asia Pacific. This recently opened Solutions Centre puts the spotlight on Emerson’s Plantweb digital ecosystem, showcasing its capabilities through state-of-the-art multimedia technology, including augmented reality and live demonstrations. The aim is for its customers to be able to envision and experience Plantweb digital ecosystem as more than a concept.

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Posted by Deanna Johnson, Director Integrated Marketing Communications for Machine Automation Solutions