Reliable Level Measurement for Marine Vessel Tanks

Emerson's Bert Konings

Measure tank levels can be challenging based on many factors including liquid composition, tank geometry, fill/empty rates, etc. And, if measuring levels on marine vessel tanks, there is added complexity with this non-stationary environment.

I saw a LinkedIn post from Emerson’s Bert Konings about the complexities of level measurements in marine environments.

In it, he pointed to this 5:26 YouTube video, Reliability Above All – Cargo Monitoring System, which highlights these challenges.

Tank radar gauges are a key element in cargo monitoring systems. These Rosemount tank radar gauges are designed to address some of the challenges highlighted in the video including condensation, interfering radar echoes, high-powered cleaning machines and the waves caused by vessel movements due to sea conditions.

This Rosemount TankRadar TGU58 can be installed on deep tanks and is suitable to all type of vessels including supertankers—very large and ultra large crude carriers (VLCC and ULCC) as well as cargo and slop tanks. It supports up to three independent communications channels for level, redundant level and/or overfill alarm.

You can connect and interact with other level measurement experts in the Level group in the Emerson Exchange 365 community.

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