The Latest Advancement in Instrument Manifold Technology

Instrument manifolds play an important role in efficient plant operation because of their ability to shut-off or equalize pressure. But traditional manifolds are often plagued with reliability issues that can make them difficult to operate, pose potential safety risks, or degrade in quality over time. Emerson has redesigned the traditional manifold with the user in mind. Available in both Coplanar and in-line styles, the new Rosemount R305 and R306 Enhanced Manifold family was designed to meet the complex needs of today’s challenging applications. New features help to simplify operation, increase operator safety, and enhance reliability.

Pressure-Lock ValveSimplify operation: Unlike standard manifold needle valves, Rosemount Enhanced Manifolds feature exclusive Pressure-Lock Valve technology which utilizes a new two-piece stem design with non-rotating tip, simplifying operation through improved ergonomics.

Increase operator safety: Safety back seating located at the process end of the Pressure-Lock Valve creates a mechanical barrier that protects against valve blowout in the event of a major pressure spike. Integral blowout protection can contribute to increased operator safety.

Enhance reliability: The Pressure-Lock Valve’s bonnet threads are completely isolated from the process fluid. This increases reliability and extends the life of the manifold because this critical operating component is not exposed to corrosive processes. Furthermore, an increased internal process bore size resists plugging.

Pair with a Rosemount pressure transmitter for a fully assembled solution that arrives leak tested and ready to install. Interested in increasing the equipment life of your pressure transmitter manifolds? Learn more by watching the new video below or visiting our website.


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