Emerson’s Corrosion and Erosion Solutions Team at NACE Corrosion Conference & Expo 2020

Join us at CORROSION 2020

Houston, TX, is hosting the NACE Corrosion Conference & Expo this June 14th – 18th. We are proud to have our Corrosion and Erosion Solutions Team attending the world’s largest conference dedicated to the study, prevention and control of corrosion. Our team of experts will be ready to discuss key pillars of the Emerson portfolio of products and solutions dedicated to monitoring corrosion and erosion across a wide array of industries and applications. We’ll be showcasing Pipeline Corrosion Monitoring, Erosion Monitoring, Wireless Corrosion Monitoring, and Lifecycle Services at our booth. We will also be presenting at two speaking sessions. Be sure to stop by to talk with us about the most extensive offering of this sophisticated monitoring equipment on the market today.

How Corrosion Monitoring Has Improved Refinery Operations: Two Speaking Sessions

At NACE, speaker Attila Gajdacsi will be presenting on “Permasense wireless non-intrusive corrosion monitoring system case studies at Equinor Refining Denmark.” What began as a solution to a specific corrosion issue due to the wrong design of a new unit, has become a monitoring system for an entire refinery. In this session, you will get a sense of how plant performance has been transformed by wireless non-intrusive corrosion monitoring, including lessons learned in the process of adoption and expansion of this technology.

In a second session, Gajdacsi will be discussing “Digital Asset Transformation by Continuous Corrosion (metal thickness) Monitoring: Case Studies from European Refineries.” Going digital is a hot topic these days. With more and more refineries considering an upgrade to their systems to benefit from continuous corrosion monitoring, the question on everyone’s minds is – how will this improve my operation? In other words, is it worth it? Learn about how three European refineries leveraged the deployment of non-intrusive ultrasonic wall thickness monitoring systems to optimize their processes and prevent loss of containment, with impressive results.

Leaders in Accurate and Reliable Corrosion and Erosion Monitoring

Pipeline Corrosion Monitoring

Of particular interest to the midstream market of the oil and gas industry, our pipeline corrosion monitoring solutions come in all types and varieties to fit our customer’s needs. Whether the situation calls for intrusive, non-intrusive, wired, or wireless, our continuous pipeline monitoring systems provide the data you need to reduce the risk of LOC while maximizing usage and safety.

Erosion Monitoring

The upstream oil and gas producing markets utilize erosion monitoring in their well pipelines. After the drilling of a shale well, the initial flow consists of a dense mixture of sand, chemicals, and various solids known as flowback. This highly abrasive material causes extreme erosion in the piping. Our cost-effective, advanced erosion monitoring systems collect and analyze data to give our customers a clear picture of the health of these high-pressure pipeline systems, extending the life of equipment and ensuring the safety of personnel.

Wireless Corrosion Monitoring

Emerson’s wireless corrosion monitoring solution benefits a broad spectrum of industries, including pulp and paper, oil and gas, and metals and mining. This unparalleled technology delivers peace of mind with continuous and instantaneous data on corrosion and erosion in critical pipework, even in the most challenging environments.

Lifecycle Services

Interested in taking advantage of all the benefits of corrosion and erosion monitoring, but don’t know where to start? Our experts are on hand to help identify the best next steps that will net you the most increase in performance. We are here to support you, from straightforward projects to the most sophisticated digital transformations. Come and see us about our corrosion and erosion packages and get this vital data on your desk sooner rather than later.

What You’ll See at CORROSION 2020

We’ll have some exciting equipment to demonstrate at the event this year, including SAM monitor, FSM, and Permasense.

Our Permasense System is an entirely wireless solution that measures pipe wall thickness in areas where either corrosion or erosion activities are a concern. This continuous coverage allows you to monitor the health of a pipeline in real-time. The secure data is available to view remotely from anywhere in the world. The non-intrusive sensors can be quickly and easily installed on the outside of any metal pipe and work in a variety of temperature ranges.

FSM (Field Signature Method) Technology is a non-intrusive, permanent, and cost-effective corrosion and erosion monitoring system for remote areas. These sensors measure electrical resistance in the pipeline itself. By blanketing critical segments of pipeline with these sensors, we can create a three-dimensional, topographic map of areas especially vulnerable to corrosion and erosion. This unique method allows for subsurface corrosion monitoring and even functions on equipment submerged in water.

Stop by our booth number 1721 to speak with a knowledgeable corrosion and erosion specialist in Houston at CORROSION 2020. We look forward to connecting with you!

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