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 With the strong industry-wide focus on digital transformation and new products embracing the internet of things (IoT), we see the next major industrial transformation is already under way. Advanced sensors are being built into devices to collect data required to generate new insights, not just for purely operational purposes. Now, individual components of the assembly line can be automatically fine-tuned to work together precisely, dramatically and economically improving performance in the field through predictive maintenance that catches and remedies problems at the earliest stage. Designers can collaborate on upgrades based on actual usage.

All of this is very good news for industry, but the fact is that today, while a single jet engine with 5,000 sensors generates up to 10 GB of data per second, the majority of manufacturers only use between one and five percent of their data. Digital transformation is still waiting on the sidelines. There are many reasons for that. The data is often not structured well for extracting insights for the different groups involved. OEMs want to understand how their products are being used to drive future product releases based on customer experiences. Operators and supervisors in the factory want to understand how different parts of the manufacturing process relate to each other to optimize the overall plant operation.

That’s why today’s manufacturers need to take the next step in data analytics – data visualization.

Emerson has developed an FAQ on this new and essential next level in effective use of IoT data. You can access the FAQ through this IndustryWeek link.