On-Demand Webinar – Improve Cost and Productivity Efficiencies with Data Visualization

 You can take the next major step in data analytics with this essential webinar that’s now available on demand here on IndustryWeek.

All manufacturers collect and analyze data to help drive business decisions, but how do you know you’re getting the most from that data? It’s one thing to provide fodder for data analysts, but how can you assure that the analytics are supporting real-world decisions for your staff? The answer is data visualization, the next step in data analytics. Data visualization presents the analytics visually so managers and your teams can review and capitalize on historical trends and trajectories and maximize your output.

Rich Carpenter, general manager of product management for the machine automation solutions portfolio from Emerson, discusses data visualization techniques and how they can help improve your plant’s analytics to drive significant benefits across your ecosystem. Rich is one of two speakers in this webinar and you can register to watch the webinar recording on demand here on IndustryWeek.

Don’t miss out – register to watch this webinar today and you will get the tools you need to:

  • Develop strategies for effective data visualization
  • Develop strategies to deploy important analytics at the right level
  • Drive better cost and productivity efficiencies through analytics

Posted by Deanna Johnson, Director Integrated Marketing Communications for Machine Automation Solutions