Need to Integrate DCS and PLC? Here’s How.

 The need to seamlessly and easily integrate DCS and PLC technologies in a variety of applications has become a key objective for many industrial enterprises. During a redesign of a thermal power station in India, a wet flue gas desulphurization plant required modifications to its DCS system. Providing redundancy with another DCS system was too costly and complex and the plant decided to pursue a standalone control solution that could operate outside of the existing DCS but seamlessly communicate and integrate into it. The plant sought to implement the new FGD solution without impacting ongoing operations. In addition, they sought to define a standalone solution that would provide high availability and consistent performance once in operation.

You can learn how the FGD plant implemented a seamless changeover using the PACSystemsTM RX3i control platform. They saved money and time, with minimal impact on operations and no impact of the DCS upgrade. Read the Proven Result here.