Food & Beverage Manufacturers Can Reduce Utilities Costs by 30-45%. Watch How!

 Amazingly, most food and beverage manufacturers spend 30% of their utility resources on clean-in-place operations, and yet, CIP is often a bit of a stepchild in the food and beverage process with a large portion of its operation and control being manual. The manual operation is workforce intensive, time-consuming, fraught with potential errors and prevents the possibility of optimization since no real tracking can be done.

A new video from Emerson shows how all of that manual can be quickly and cost-effectively automated with the Emerson CIP Utilities and Automated Reporting Analytics. Food and beverage companies can reduce utilities costs by 30-45%, time spent managing CIP by 20% and between $20-40K per year in personnel costs.

Find out how. Watch this short, informative video.