New Brochure Details the Present and Future of Edge Solutions

 Improving operational efficiency in industrial plants requires that people, equipment and business processes all be connected. The rich data generated by production equipment provides the data needed on a moment-by-moment basis, but establishing the connection requires collecting, analyzing, trending, contextualizing and turning it into insights. That’s where edge solutions come in. Edge technologies are a simple, straightforward, affordable way to move from raw data to better decisions rapidly on a step-by-step basis.

Edge technologies include natively integrated hardware and software packages that simplify and speed the deployment of IIoT from low footprint projects to a full plant solution. In this newly revised brochure, Emerson experts walk you through what’s possible with edge solutions. Since it’s predicted that by 2025, over 75% of data will be collected and processed at the edge, this brochure is a timely resource.

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