New Data Sheet Details True Open Communication with Connext™︎

 Increasingly, the need to connect highly disparate systems is the name of the game in industrial and infrastructure applications. From transportation tunnels to manufacturing lines, decision makers need data from legions of machines all doing different jobs and built by different suppliers. Finding easy, affordable ways for these systems to talk to each other, to the cloud, to ERP systems and much more is essential. That’s why this new data sheet will simplify your life.

Emerson's ConnextTM OPC UA Server offers one all-inclusive data source to eliminate islands of automation, enhance IoT, deliver cross-platform performance, eliminate the need for custom scripting, and much more. You no longer need to lock-in on one supplier to get easy, high-performance connectivity.

Emerson’s Connext supports a large number of protocols for industries, infrastructures and buildings to deliver seamless and effortless connectivity to field devices in automation and process control. You’ll find all the details in this new data sheet – download it today.