Meet the Experts Face-to-Face and Get Your Questions Answered

 These days, getting in-person time with technology experts can be challenging. Too many questions and challenges and not enough experts. But that all changes at Emerson Exchange, Oct 24-28 in Grapevine, Texas, when you can sit down with panels of experts to discuss, question and share ideas on some of the most exciting and important technical subjects of the day. The opportunity comes at Emerson Exchange Meet the Experts panels and the machine automation people are offering two that you won’t want to miss:

Solve Customer Visualization Challenges with Machine and Plant-level HMI/SCADA
Richard Carpenter & Dan Sacchitella
What might have been considered simple visualization tools in the past have taken quantum leaps in capability and problem-solving. Don’t miss this chance to learn how these new technologies can simplify your workforce issues, reduce errors and costs, and enhance productivity.

Strategies for Future-Proofing PLC Programming Transitioning to Edge Controls
Darrell Halterman
 Edge controllers represent an exponential capability increase over traditional PLCs and PACs so it makes sense that many developers are trying to understand how to incorporate these powerful new tools into their automation designs. Learn from automation experts about tips, strategies, and best practices for better insights, operational efficiency, and productivity with edge controllers.

See you at Emerson Exchange. Register for these sessions today.